I'm gonna write this in english because I'm to lazty to think in swedish right now. If anyone wants me to translate it later I will haha.

So this has been quite an interesting day! 
I woke up, got ready and then I left for school. We had the 2nd period exams today so we had cooking. 
We already did our exams the week before which was cooking so today we only had to fill in an evaluation about our group. We finished that in 5 min and then we got to eat the pies we made earlier this week.
We had to stay in the class for 1 hour so for 55 min we were just chillin and eating our pies.
Me and Maddy had decorated our blueberry pie with some M's haha 

After that I walked home and I got home at like 10 haha and then I've just been relaxing all day! 
Tomorrow I'm going to do some hardcore studying though...

Me and Sask before the exams today haha 

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